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I will struggle to put into words my admiration for Mr Edwards. After months of poor treatment by a local NHS consultant, Mr Edwards saw me promptly, listened very carefully to my description of my accident, examined me, scanned me, and operated on my broken and twisted ulna the following week. His professional approach, great skill and caring manner have meant I now have a fully functioning arm and hand, and will be back playing tennis tomorrow.

Mrs XX, Chichester

Mr NA, Consultant colleague

Taff is one of the best hand surgeons around. Very knowledgeable, dedicated and skilled. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.
It was a real pleasure, I am very lucky to have been referred to Mr Edwards. I was completely confident at every stage that I was in the very best hands.

Wrist key holes surgery patient

Mr AA, London

Mr Edwards is very professional and always took the time to explain everything to me and regularly came to my bed during my hospital stay. He was very caring and even bought me an Easter Egg whist bed-bound with no visitors. I have not come across a better doctor. I have had 3 surgeries from Mr Edwards and could not have asked for better results. His stitching was so good that I have minimal scarring!
Mr Edwards explains things clearly, is patient and an excellent surgeon. My operation has left me pain free.

Ms GN, London

Mr DR, London

Taff could not have been any better, always checking in on me and provided great care. Like myself, Taff is a keen sportsman (skydiver, etc) so understands my drive and requirements to get back to health. I would definitely recommend Taff to anyone else with upper limb injuries.

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